Acupuncture needles at Lierre

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Zagu acupuncture needles


Zagu needles are non-coated, making them hypoallergenic* appropriate for direct moxibustion and electric simulation. Made from medical grade German stainless steel, these needles are made using an automated polishing and grinding technique: each needle is reliably perfectly sharp and smooth. These needles therefore penetrate the skin painlessly, and, because they’re easy to manipulate, it’s easy for the practitioner to adjust their movements to achieve the ideal depth of insertion.

The Zagu needles’ guiding tube makes it easy to insert them at the exact desired point. Their colour-coded tab also vary by format: you’ll always be able to tell these acupuncture needles apart.


H.L Seo Won acupuncture needles

H.L Seo Won

H.L. Seo Won produces high quality traditional Korean acupuncture needles. Wrapped in a soft, eco-friendly package, they’re equipped with one guide tube for every ten needles, ensuring less waste while still remaining practical and precise. Known for their smooth and painless insertion, these hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel acupuncture needles are sharpened using automated technology.

Their spring handle makes handling these needles a breeze. H.L. Seo Won’s irregular sizing makes them ideal for specialized treatments, where the standard needle sizes may not be appropriate.

*Note: hypoallergenic means less likely to cause allergies; while rare, some patients may be allergic to stainless steel.


H.L Seo Won hand needles

H.L Seo Won Hand Needles

Hand needles are designed for use on the body’s most intricate extremities, notably hands and ears. Normally, these tiny needles are inserted with the aid of specialized injectors. Treatments using acupuncture needles are wide-ranging, because the hands and ears are a locus on which many meridians and points can be found.

Lierre acupuncture needles


Responsive and intuitive, the Lierre acupuncture needles are designed to emphasize the de-qi sensation during treatments. These affordable, individually packaged needles come in plastic guide tubes, and with copper-loop handles. Practitioners will be able to feel their needles working with increased accuracy, while not having to compromise on the smoothness and precision of insertion. Made from surgical steel, these needles meet the highest manufacturing standards.

BD Ultra-Fine II Lancet

Special Needles

From lancets to press tacks, our high quality specialized needles will help you with acupuncture treatments for which regular acupuncture needles just won’t do. Seirin Pyonex press needles can be used for a multitude of ailments, including knee pain, lower back pain and tension headaches.

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