What is the best massage table height for me?

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When you practice your massage therapies or acupuncture treatments to clients, you would like to work more efficient and do the right thing at the most comfortable posture. In order to achieve this goal, one of the most important factors would be have a proper massage table to practice the treatments. Under this situation, most of the massage therapists and acupuncturist would take certain amount of effort for choosing a massage table for themselves.

Lierre Classic 28″ massage table

There are several factors have to be taking into consideration during the process of choose a massage table for professional service. For example, the table width, height, weight, material of frames, foam thickness, etc..  Among these factors, height seems not alike an important factor. Because most of the time, massage tables height is adjustable. However, what is the best height for practising treatments is still a question sometimes. Even with an adjustable massage table, you have to find out the proper height for your treatments.

As most practitioner known, the general rule is, the average height of the table should near your hip joint, with some spaces for different types of your clients.

Right now on the market, 23” to 33” is the most seen height range for massage tables. This range will be comfortable and convenient for majority of the therapists and acupuncturists. In addition, there are some tips to help you with making a decision on the most practical height for you during your treatments.

First, stand up straight, keeping your arms by your side and closing your fists.

Second, have somebody measure the distance between your knuckles and the floor

Lastly, set your massage table to that distance, allowing a couple of inches leeway to account for the depth of a body on the bed.

Apart from that, certain types of massage will require a table at a different height, such as shiatsu. A  portable table with adjustable height will be more important than if you practice different types of massages for different clients. Lierre Medical offers various massage tables with adjustable heights. If you want to save your effort for squatting and adjusting the massage table heights, electronic massage tables will be a better option for you.

The last tip for adjusting the massage table is making sure that when you finish adjusting the table that the knobs are securely tightened. Sometimes, when a therapist is adjusting the table and stand up to make sure that the table is at right height but forget to ensure the knobs are tightened. It is very dangerous to have loose knobs during massage practices.