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Are you someone like me who does not drink water? Why is that the problem? I personally do not have the habit to, a bottle of water is cheap, I am not thirsty. However, since I have invested on bottles, cups, many things to solve my habit, and since then I have started to say that I should drink water. Investing with money, gives me sense of guilt when I waste my money not using it. So, why not investing in one that will last forever. Our company has launched this product, I was very eager to try it out.

Lierre Crystal Elixir Water Bottle is a great bottle to invest in. You may have seen bottles very cheap, and why this one is at 99.00$? Well, this water bottle is not just a casual one. You may be skeptical, because you have no beliefs in crystals, but it is worth to give it a try. It has helped countless people in the world on their health problems. Crystals are all customized on its own, they are unique and different in their own way. Despite which crystals you are using for, it has to be one that appeals to you. Crystals have powerful properties, they all work differently. You might have seen it on Instagram, people are raving on these bottles, and you were wondering when will you ever get these bottles. It is true that Crystal Water Bottles are not cheap, and you can see from company to other, they have different prices, and different shape. You can even make your own, just a bit of a hassle! But why choosing Lierre’s water bottle? Continue on reading, I am hoping to convince you!

How does it work?

Once you receive your own bottle, you should always cleanse your crystal. It is your own crystal, they were in the hands of others before coming to your house. There are a couple of ways to cleanse your crystals, the most popular ones are cleanse with other stones or let your elixir under the moonlight.

Crystals do not only purify other object, but they purify other crystals. You can use tumbled stones to do that for example.

The other way is to let it be under the moonlight, there are some cases where people actually feel a big difference, you sleep better at night with a crystal near you, and the morning of, you get to sip the good quality crystal! And you are ready to sip your crystal elixir.

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