How to Choose the Right Gua Sha Tools for Your Face

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Are you on a quest for the best looking skin – try gua sha tools for your face. Dermatologists will often recommend a gua sha facial massage to help de-puff, even and brighten, and tighten complexion and facial skin. That said, not just any gua sha will do. A lot relies on selecting the right tools. If you want amazing looking skin, here’s how you break it down.

Why gua sha tools for face

Gua sha increases blood flow, erases any stagnancy happening underneath the skin, and ultimately provides your face with everything it needs to look its absolute best. How it’s used is by choosing the right gua sha tools, gently scraping them against the face in a particular motion using the lightest pressure. It can be used on the forehead, down the nose, cheeks, outer eyes, under eyes, or V-line under the jaw.

Gua sha for the face

On the body, you can apply a little more pressure and go a little rougher on your scraping. However on the face, you don’t want to scrape too deeply. Applied correctly, gua sha crystal tools can work off fine lines and wrinkles among other things. Some have claimed gua sha is a natural facelift. Is it all that hype and more – probably not. What it can do though is produce healthier skin, in appearance and function. Does it work – absolutely!

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What gua sha tools you need

How to choose gua sha tools is simple. All you need is 4 tools. The pencil shape gua sha tool provides an excellent way to dig deep into trigger points and acupressure points. The heart shape’s great for the jawline, with a small dig where you can fit the bone. The S-shape’s also a necessity for gua sha, perfect for the forehead and neck. Then, there’s the ying-yang shape for cheeks and other areas on the face or possibly around the neck. Though you can procure a variety of other gua sha tools, these 4 are what you need from a basic standpoint to receive benefits.

How gua sha is different from other products

Not everyone believes in crystal healing and you don’t have to for gua sha to work. Gua sha’s jade or rose quartz fits the contours of the face in an upward sweeping motion. The friction increases blood flow and actually improves circulation. Doing it once, you will notice a lot of temporary results. Doing it continually and regularly, you will see reductions in puffiness, hyperpigmentation, and muscle tension, and increased collagen production.

Gua sha is different from other products in the sense that it’s all-natural, is non-invasive, plainly feels nice on the skin, and most importantly works. It can also help your skin absorb other moisturizers and face care products. Visit today to pick up some gua sha tools.

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