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See a huge selection of high quality pediatric exam table paper in Canada from Lierre.ca. For examination tables and chairs, equip them with the protective paper to protect patients from cross-contamination and bacteria.

In a pediatric office, patients are coming into contact with one another. Some of them are sick while others may potentially catch the contagion. If you’re not protecting the medical furniture that’s being used regularly appointment to appointment, you are potentially creating a health hazard.

Examination paper crêpe from Lierre.ca

Patients are at risk of exposure to pathogens and contagions when they come into contact with high traffic surfaces that haven’t been adequately cleaned or protected. Pediatric exam table paper gets it done. Here’s a little more as to how.

This protective medical table paper is usually sold on a roll which makes storage easy and dispensing it even easier. When you need to, roll off the length required to cover a table or chair. After the patient’s appointment is over, tear away the paper that’s been used and discard it. Then, you can roll off a whole new length of exam table paper. On and on, this goes. You know throughout this whole process that you’re protecting your patients and keeping their health a priority – something so important among pediatric patients.

Medical examination sheets are highly absorbent and very strong. They are usually made from wood pulp fibers or recycled pulp. It is usually quite difficult to tear however thankfully, a lot of tables and chairs in medical facilities have attached cutters built into the design. By pulling an examination sheet at an angle, the cutter comes in on contact and lets you pull out the next length with ease. There are also more expensive exam table paper rolls that come with perforations already made.

Examination paper crêpe from Lierre.ca

As you’ll find shopping pediatric exam table paper online, you’ll find two textures to choose. There’s smooth which is machine-glazed paper that is moisture resistant, tear resistant, and professional in appearance. Then, there’s crepe table paper rolls which are opaque, textured, and which have a softer feel. Crepe is oftentimes preferred because of how much more absorbent it is, it is quieter and less scratchy as a patient moves across it, it’s soft, slip resistant, always comfortable, and also professional in appearance.

In some pediatric offices, you may always find or wish to use a print on their exam table paper. This is a way to make a medical office fun and add some age-appropriate elegance to the room. Doctors serving children will commonly choose paper that’s covered in animals or cartoons. To order bulk exam table paper, visit Canada’s own Lierre.ca today. Equip your medical office with the best exam table paper in Canada from a trusted brand name.