The Newest Luxury Wellness Trend, Investigating the Popularity of Cupping Massage Therapy

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Among wellness practitioners and alternative therapy specialists, there’s a new treatment is town that’s caught the eye of many and it’s called ‘cupping massage’.

What does cupping do in massage?
What does cupping do in massage?

Although the contemporary cupping obsession really began with the appearance of Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympics, cupping’s association with North America goes back perhaps to Gwyneth Paltrow’s 2004 appearance at the film premiere of Anchorman. In both cases, celebrities showed up with cupping marks on their back, looking like circular bruises.

In the decade since Paltrow’s appearance, a lot of time’s been invested in figuring out what cupping is, how to do cupping, and the benefits of this seemingly new type of Eastern medicine. Cupping’s actually not all that new, originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine. These days, you’ll find cupping offered at luxury wellness centers, spas, and by wellness practitioners along with acupuncture, chiropractic work, gua sha, IASTM, and other types of alternative self-care treatments.

What does cupping do in massage?

What is cupping? It’s more or less what it sounds like. Cups are placed on the skin. Air inside the cups are removed to create a vacuum which suctions the cup to the body. Some use fire to create this vacuum. That’s pretty old-fashioned though. Using a silicone cupping set, the process is as easy as a gentle squeeze. So what does this suction do? It’s meant to create movement between increased circulation and fluids. Traditional Chinese Medicine believed conditions like pain and other illnesses were created from imbalances in the body that originated in stagnation. Therefore, movement relieves stagnation and in turn, those imbalances disappear.

In nature, look at a body of water that’s just sitting there. No movement. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. It’s not long before an otherwise healthy source of water becomes unsafe to drink. Through cupping, you’re getting blood and energy moving throughout the body which allows it to function better. It stimulates the nerves, the muscle, and kicks every internal system into gear while calming the nervous system.

What are the benefits of cupping massage?

Cupping isn’t just clumsily applied to the body. There are acupuncture points of meridians to stimulate. Done right, people suffering from pain, stiffness, fever, lung and breathing issues, digestive trouble, Bell’s palsy, water retention, or menstrual discomfort have all found relief via cupping. While it may look like it hurts, cupping actually doesn’t. In fact, it’s painless. It’s akin to a reverse massage. In this way, it creates circulation in the skin and muscles while alleviating this pain or discomfort that may implant itself in specific areas of the body.Are you looking to buy a cupping set in Canada? Shop yours with and get high quality silicone cupping that are easily applied on the body. See the amazing benefits of cupping on your physical, mental, and even spiritual health