The Top Facts about Choosing the Best Essential Oil Diffuser

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Dozens of essential oil diffusers exist, made from everything from plastic to wood and costing anywhere from $10 for a cheap model to over $100 for a premium deluxe.

Diffusing essential oils is essentially a way to release the essential oil through the air. This is easily Canadians’ most popular way to enjoy essential oils. As a seller of the best essential oils in the country, we know how attractive the idea of a diffuser is to lovers of these oils. This device can spread the scent of an oil throughout a room or even an entire home. It makes an inviting fragrance everyone can enjoy.

What is the best essential oils diffuser?

What is the best essential oils diffuser?

The most recommended essential oil diffuser are ultrasonic diffusers. They’re preferred because they’re easy to clean and are durable, usually able to be used for years without issue. Via ultrasonic diffusers, electronic frequencies are used to vibrate the atoms in an essential oil. This creates a boiling-like effect but without any heat involved. These vibrations break down an essential oil into tiny particles which are then dispersed through a mist.

Older diffusers used to use heat to help turn an essential oil into mist but this is generally frowned upon these days. Steam diffusers, candle diffusers, or hot plat diffusers aren’t recommended simply because they disturb the chemistry in the oil. When you heat an oil, its effects fade. Therefore, you end up left with a less effective oil. Here are some general guidelines to consider when choosing an ultrasonic diffuser for the home.

What does a diffuser with oil do?

What does a diffuser with oil do?
  • Cost-wise, you don’t want to spend any less than $25. There’s also no reason to spend more than $150 so set aside some budget to accommodate this.
  • Ensure your diffuser is easy to clean. A lot of ultrasonic diffusers, thankfully, are relatively simple to remove different components and wash them out.
  • There should be a timer built in to allow for a steady release of oil. Time increments vary between an hour or more, or will cycle on and off within 10-minute periods