Best essential oils for diffusers … Why are they popular?

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Why are diffusers so popular, and pricier than any other aromatherapy practice? What are the best essential oils for my diffusers?

Like my previous blog posts, I say that aromatherapy is super good for you, great scent, and also will resolve many problems naturally. It should be the first option before going at the look out of treatments and medicines. Well diffusers are the most natural way to solve our respiratory problems, because even candles are not 100% natural. They are made of different ingredients, and you may not be smelling organic products. In my opinion, I really believe that investing in a diffuser will help you in a long term, and also the cheapest option. You can think of how much a candle can cost, but it does not last forever, it dies down after few days, but diffusers can be reusable, and the cost of essential oils are a fraction to the price you pay for candles. Super cheap, and you only need few drops at a time, and last for few hours of joy!

lierre-aromatherapy-ultrasonic-diffuser-800x800Now, we all know that diffusers can have a huge range of price, depending on your budget, you can try anything. The Diffusers are the best because they do not use heat in production of vapor. Because heat can have a negative effect on essential oils, diffusers are definitely the best option to diffuse essential oils. The material can be different (Wood, Ceramic, Plastic and many more). We are all used to see ultrasonic diffusers like in form of machine, but have you that there are bracelet diffusers? Well the Lava Stone Bracelet Diffuser exist, it may not be as effective as the ones that you see, big one and great for few hours. The lava stone, is a grounding stone that absorb the scent and would retain the smell for few hours. Super affordable and portable, can carry around and be used anywhere. Those bracelets can even help you during stress time, while being in the bus, you do not need a wire, unlike the other diffusers! And it can especially help you while you study, and even ace your exam. Because some people are better retainer when they are around the same environment. You will retain information better when you have the same mindset that you were studying, it will enhance your memory by a lot!


Benefits of essential oils:

Essential oils are the best way and natural way to use in aromatherapy, simply because they are oils that can be used for a wide variety of purposes; especially in therapy.

The following are the suggestions I give to use in diffusers:


Lavender is usually used for calming properties, bruises, cuts, inflammation and irritation. In essential oils you will typically see it used for calming, soothing and relaxing time. It will definitely reduce your stress level. Stress for exams, this one is for you!lierre-ca-lava-stone-diffuser-bracelet-essential-oils-set-1-800x800


Nordika Forest has the smell of nature, like in a forest, makes you feel that you are in a green area, relaxing. This essential oil helps to be in a soothing and purifying time.


Geranium has a sweet scent, and a very floral scent that can calm sadness, depression and anger. It will balance your mind, when you have a hectic day.


Pine are great for respiratory problems because it will facilitate your breathing, and if you have hard to time breathe, with pine white, it will help you!


Tea tree is generally used for acne, trouble skin, and fungal infections. It is also a good antioxidant, this is why it is for sure a good choice for your diffusers. It will calm any inflammation, and you will have a better time, and relaxed day.


Heard of Jasmine? Yes, jasmine tea, great odor and very calming and relaxing flower. It helps also for removing bacteria and for you if you have insomnia problems. Hard time to sleep go for jasmine tea, or jasmine 5 in the diffuser!


Cinnamon are antibacterial products, they will help you to remove all those bad bacteria, and remove the bad things in your body and contain the good things on the surface! Good to be clean and has a spicy smell; spice up your days!


Eucalyptus is a very popular scent, and has been used in a lot of medications. It will help for congestion and sore muscles. In diffusers, it will definitely help to disinfect and for antibacterial. You will feel a lot better in your skin, and has a very natural scent!


Cedarwood Atlas will help you for relaxation, and promotes to give you a better lymphatic circulation. You will definitely keep your body healthier!

So those are my suggestions for essential oils, they are super good for you to use and try at home. Use these on your Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet, you will not regret it because it will make you stay relax, calm and healthier! Smells stimulates our body, and is the best natural medicine!

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