Can Cupping Help With Acne? – Read Here!

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Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that treats several conditions including help with acne and skin blemishes. Having traveled from East Asia to Canada, cupping is not as well-known as other therapies like acupuncture but it’s equally effective among several patients. Cupping’s used commonly for colds, fevers, and muscle aches on the body. When cupping is applied on the face, it can helps with acne.

Facial cupping can help with acne

Called facial cupping, the cups used are much smaller and the suction more gentle but the approach is the same. Cupping applies suction, lifting up the skin. It’s almost like a reverse facial massage, increasing circulation and de-stressing this area of the body. Now you may be wondering how this works on acne – well, here are some insights.

Acne is from heat, dampness, and stagnation – at least, if you believe traditional Chinese medicine texts. Cupping therapy used for acne targets the removal of stagnation and heat. There has also been some evidence suggesting there’s an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and circulation effects. For a variety of skin conditions it can be helpful.

You may ask yourself before buying a holiday cupping gift set what evidence exists, if any, on using it in treating acne. There are only a few studies out there looking at this subject, which particularly targets inflammatory and cystic acne. Oftentimes, patients combine cupping with acupuncture and herbal medicine to emphasize the benefits. Cupping is effective for many patients and provides a significant improvement on the appearance and presence of acne.

how can facial cupping help with acne

How the treatment of facial cupping works

With a silicone cupping set done regularly, you can take care of acne permanently. It works preventative as it does as a treatment. In patients who use it, inflammatory chemicals in the blood circulating is reduced and though there’s more research to be done, enough evidence exists here to certainly say there’s something to it.

A skilled practitioner usually performs facial cupping for acne who knows where to place the cups and how to move them. It is important to know how much suction to apply, how to remove them, and how to protect the skin. To this point, acne doesn’t just sit on the face. It’s something that can occupy a person’s back or other parts of the body. If that’s you, know cupping treats in these areas though, again, you need to know where and how.

In the years to come, the relationship between acne and cupping is likely to strengthen. To successfully receive cupping on your face, ensure you have it performed by someone who is aware of the right techniques. Cupping is very safe as an acne treatment, with bruising being one’s biggest risk. You can buy a facial cupping set today from and receive everything you need to get started the right way.