Have you Tried Crystals for Skincare and Beauty – You Won’t Believe the Results!

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Skincare and beauty trends aside, it’s important to stick to what works for you and what makes you feel beautiful. If you’re searching for something to switch things up, crystal healing’s an ancient healing practice that in recent years has been applied in skincare and beauty. Celebrities, influencers, and some of the world’s most beautiful people are using crystal skincare products, such as crystal facial rollers, to deliver to them vibrant, glowing skin.

Luxury crystal skincare products are purchased every day to achieve beauty and wellness in a way other tools can’t. Instead of using crystals as jewelry on a wall, positioned for vanity on the table, or hanging as a necklace, applying them directly to the face has been claimed by some to help with everything from professional success to good luck, attracting love, and feeling relaxed.

As a holistic treatment, crystals have been around for centuries. The energies contained in specific crystals have been associated with boosting energy, calming nerves, and achieving balance. Cleopatra used to bath in water infused with rose quartz as the stone is associated with healing and anti-age benefits, as an example. These days, celebrities like Kate Hudson and the Kardashian-Jenner clan are using the magic of gemstones to give themselves a new weapon in their skincare routines.

A crystal healing facial roller works very simply. It’s similar to a paint roller except at the end of the roller, there’s crystal rather than paint. You just roll it up and down the face, gently massaging and relaxing those muscles. The energies enter in through the skin and are absorbed into the body, as this happens. For dry, dull, or mature-looking skin, regular use of a crystal facial roller can help your skin bounce back and add some oomph to it. In fact, there are many nourishing and healing qualities associated with crystal healing that can go far beyond simply skincare.

If you’re committed to mixing in crystals with your skincare and beauty routine, it’s imperative to select the stones which carry meaning to you. Every stone has a different energy. Rose quartz, green aventurine jade, amethyst, opal, and clear quartz are all unique with different benefits. Applied on the face, some of the benefits include reducing puffiness, minimizing inflammation in the face, and promoting lymphatic drainage.