My customers’ has different allergies, but which massage product can I use?

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There are a lot of our customer that come in our store and ask us: ‘’ which one is the best for people who are sensitive to perfume’’ or which one is the most neutral’’. There are so many type of allergies that professionals do not know what to use on their patients. That being said, we separated the ones that are absolutely no smell, and no essential oils, because it is important to satisfy the most of the customers.

At our store, we own two major brands of massage oils, Bon Vital and l’Herbier. They are top brands in Canada, this is why we love them.


In the section of Bon Vital, they have so many products, confusing isn’t it?

Bon Vital uses a lot of unscented ingredients, such as coconut, jojoba, aloe, grapeseed and olive oil. One thing for sure, out of all their products, gels do not have one that is unscented, simply because for better glide, they use essential oils.

In the Cream, they have coconut, organica (made of jojoba oil and aloe), therapeutic touch (olive oil), and deep tissue (jojoba).

If you do not like creams, you can try something lighter consistency, the lotion, which exists in coconut, organica (jojoba and aloe), and therapeutic touch (olive oil).

In the oils, you may think that oils are greasy, but it is just a feeling, it is actually the best for better gliding result. We have it in coconut, therapeutic touch and grapeseed.


Now onto Herbier! Herbier, unlike other brands, they use a base of natural soya.

Simply because this is another type of formulation. They created also a lot of products that is as great on customers’ body, and beneficial on massagists’ hand. On top of that, very good for the environment. L’Herbier use mainly unscented ingredients such as rice oil, soya oil, organic palm tree, and some plants extract.

In the balms, they created the conception & baby (perfect for pregnant woman, and very small children) and shea butter, they are scent free!

In the biogels, they have the basic one, composed of natural wax, to make it safe. They use mostly unscented oils to make it safe for anyone to use and have it on.

In the bio oils, they have the rice ones, they are very neutral scent, and rarely anyone is allergic to that. The rice oil is the least expensive oil you can find, and can use for a long time!

In the creams, their ever first cream made is unscented, and is named Biogel, made of natural oil as well.


I hope this answered to most of your questions because, it is important to care about patients’ problems, and to make them comfortable. Herbier and Bon Vital are both great brands, and use different formulas! For you to choose, they are both safe for your clinic. If you are not sure if you can use it on some of your patient, we do give out Bon Vital samples that you can try out!

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