Shin Lin Needles are 15% Off on Black Friday Sale

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The best Black Friday sale are happening this year in personal care, therapies, physical health treatments, and more at For medical clinics and acupuncturists, this November’s an opportune time to buy. Black Friday’s going to be bringing some major savings on big brand-name items, including Shin Lin acupuncture needles which are 15% off for a limited time.

When is Black Friday sale?

Black Friday is weeks away, which means it’s time today to prepare your personal shopping list. November 29 is technically the date to remember although many Black Friday sales will encompass the entirety of the week. has our warehouse stocked and ready to go. If you’re an acupuncturist, we know costs mount up quickly. If you need a massage table replacement, acupuncture needles, or accessories, it’s definitely the time to stock up!

Why Shin Lin acupuncture needles during Black Friday Deal?

Shin Lin acupuncture needles are one of several brands we offer at Why Shin Lin’s a great investment is because first of all, it’s a high-value brand. You won’t pay very much for it, quality-wise they’re excellent, and they do the trick. Secondly, they are very eco-friendly and made in environmentally sustainable factories. Thirdly, they’re one of the world’s best and most affordable options if you’re looking for a Korean-style acupuncture needle.

ShinLin Acupuncture needles to treat pain relief - Canada

Your customers matter and we know that

Acupuncture, in our view, is a healthcare service. You don’t want to compromise on quality. The best acupuncture needles brand is what you’re looking for. Anything less than what’s built in to Shin Lin isn’t worth shopping. When in doubt, this is a brand you can count on and in the spirit of the Black Friday sale season, you’re going to save some money buying them. Acupuncture needles are a necessity for any acupuncturist – not like we need to tell you. Part of your Black Friday shopping plan should be to stop by and check out some of these deals.

Chronic pain, headaches, and more

In offering TCM supplies in Canada, it’s our focus to provide affordable products direct to consumer or practitioner. There are millions of people out there suffering from chronic pain, headaches, and other debilitating conditions. They’re often prescribed opioids or other dangerous medicines. Acupuncture, we believe, is an effective and safe alternative. It’s heartbreaking seeing anyone in pain and we respect highly the practitioners offering their time, effort, and service to help these people.

Come celebrate Black Friday 2019 with and pick up some acupuncture needles and more. We also have more deals on medical clinic supplies, massage tables, and more that may be worth checking out. Visit us today.