Kill Cellulite with Cupping Therapy and Say Hello to Clear Skin

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Anti-cellulite silicone cupping sets have made it easier than ever to eliminate cellulite for good, restoring appearances back to clear, glowing skin. For a lot of Canadians, they’re not weighed down anymore by cellulite and you don’t have to be, either!

No matter the gender, it’s probably safe to say that we all want to be perceived as attractive. Loving your own body can be tough when cellulite is present. Cellulite can negatively impact a person’s perception of themselves, regardless of size or shape and that’s despite the fact that more than 90 percent of Canadians contend with it somewhere on their bodies. Sure, there are exercise routine and diets that make all the promises in the world but they’re not really targeting these areas. They may have other benefits but will they reduce your cellulite – probably not.

Now enter in cupping. Cupping therapy dates back thousands of years to parts of Asia and Europe. It’s not generally used for cellulite but has proven to be an excellent way to promote circulation, heal muscles, and increase lymphatic drainage. Cupping works by suctioning tissue upwards, bringing red blood cells to the area to heal what’s in that region of the body. It’s an artificial way of inspiring healing, using the body’s natural systems to do so.

Cellulite cupping targets – you guessed it – the appearance of cellulite. Among some practitioners, they believe a lot of our health problems originate from stagnant energy. Cellulite’s known to be the result of poor blood circulation, lymphatic issues, fluid retention, as well as hormonal imbalances. Now cupping helps to increase circulation, move some of those fluids through, and the suctioning action is known to break up cellulite thereby changing the texture across repeated use. To put it simply, a single session of cupping isn’t going to eliminate all your cellulite. That said, over time, using it in the right places you will find your cellulite to seemingly disappear.

When you use cupping for cellulite, leave it on for five to 20 minutes as you see fit. Cellulite generally begins to change in appearance between 6 and 8 treatments. Now for those who purchase a silicone cupping set in Canada as a cellulite treatment, make no mistake that one needs to address the underlying symptoms causing the cellulite. If it’s a hormonal imbalance, there are herbal supplements, diet changes, and similar modifications to make.

By working on addressing the root cause of cellulite and using cupping regularly to reduce the appearance of what you already have, you can come back from those dimples and look as good as you’ve ever looked. If you’re nervous about going in-office for a treatment like this, consider getting your own at-home anti-cellulite silicone cupping set to work on your own schedule.