Saddle Stools: an easy way to prevent back pain, fatigue and injuries at work

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Does your back feel sore after work? Do you sit down for most of the day? Your posture while sitting down might be to blame. Lierre’s pony saddle stool is a fantastic, easy solution to this common problem.

These ergonomic stools are perfect for healthcare practitioners, estheticians, or home use. Pony saddle stools offer a greater range of movement than other stools and chairs for massage therapists and other healthcare practitioners, who require flexibility in order examine patients. While saddle stools have been used in clinics for years, it’s only recently that people are starting to use saddle seats in their offices or at home. In addition to improving posture, saddle seats have been proven to soothe back pain, improve balance, and prevent long-term fatigue.

How does it work?

The pony saddle stool, as the name suggest, forces the person sitting to maintain their body in balance and keep their back straight as if riding a horse. This simple adjustment eliminates the need for a back and armrests. When you sit in a saddle stool, your upper legs are in a declining position which moves the pelvis forward and forces the lower back to curve, thus straightening your upper back. Sitting like this relieves tension in shoulders, upper back, and neck, while improving posture. Maintaining good posture while seated in a saddle stool, in turn, prevents long-term injuries, fatigue and many forms of back pain.

It’s because of these benefits to our posture and overall comfort, that saddle stools are becoming popular with people outside of medical clinics. More people are using saddle stools in their homes and at work instead of traditional desk chairs.

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