The Best Type of Exercise to Burn Fat

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If you’ve recently joined a gym or have started at-home workouts with the intention of burning fat, you may want to read ahead. As someone losing weight, you may be recommended strength training routines, weightlifting routines, internal workouts, or cardiovascular-based endurance training. Although these all serve a purpose, the best exercise you can do to begin shedding pounds is interval training and here’s why.

Long walks or moderate workouts do not compare to a few minutes of intense exercise. These short minutes are called interval training and multiple studies have found they burn more fat compared to a long walk or jog. For short, this is sometimes referred to as high-intensity interval training or HIIT. Most HIIT workouts are built around a period of less than 30 minutes, including a warm-up period and cool-down period. In these workouts, you’ll find short bursts of incredibly difficult exercises mixed with less intense movements.

In the past, to lose weight, you may have been recommended a cardio machine. That’s to say, you jump on a treadmill or an elliptical and you just give it as much as you can until you’re all tapped out thirty or 45 minutes later. Today though, there’s a lot more data out there and we’re much smarter about the way we build fat loss workouts. On average, HIIT training is shown to produce up to 40% more fat loss, when analyzing body composition, than moderate exercise. Although this is negligible if you’re only trying to cut weight in a week or two, applied over six months or longer, you’ll see a noticeable difference.

Now, let’s be clear. Any exercise is good exercise when it comes to getting started with weight loss or fat loss goals. Sometimes, just getting into the gym or getting out on a mat can be the toughest thing in the world. So start slow and build your way up to something more intense. Although you may be ambitious with your fat loss objectives, you don’t want to get injured and the body’s going to tell you pretty quickly if you’re pushing yourself beyond your means. Things like acupuncture for weight loss can also be of assistance. In time, as you build strength, you will absolutely want to consider starting a high-intensity interval training program.

No matter what, the best type of exercise to burn fat is any type of exercise that keeps you on schedule in the gym. Building a workout around preferences and schedule is not easy. As challenging as it may be, do what you need to do to stick to your plan and don’t forget the importance of diet.

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